Five steps to follow up with trade show leads

How should you follow up with trade show leads? Going to a trade show helps you connect with potential customers, partners, or influencers in your organization’s industry. Like any other networking opportunity, it’s essential to follow up with everyone you meet. In this way, you can start building strong professional relationships. Eventually these can translate into increased sales for your organization’s product or service.

It’s imperative that you act quickly after returning from the trade show. Being prompt in follow-up correspondence is crucial. Send customized emails to each lead during the first week following the event. Mention the discussion you had at the trade show. Let them know how excited you are to continue the conversation.

To show that you are dedicated to resolving their concerns, acknowledge any particular difficulties or requirements they raised. Also, provide pertinent resources or solutions. By acting promptly, you demonstrate your expertise and dedication to fostering the relationship, in addition to keeping the momentum going. Furthermore, it demonstrates that you appreciate their feedback and are committed to finding a resolution.

Why is it Important to Follow Up Leads After a Trade Show?


Why is it important to follow up leads after  trade shows? Trade shows are a great events to generate leads. After the trade shows, by communicating, you can turn leads into real buyers.

Here we listed some important reasons to follow up leads:

  • Secure Leads: If you meet people who might be interested in your product or service, following them after a trade show can help you solidify your connection. Also this will guide them through marketing toward becoming a customer.
  • Expand Your Professional Network: Even if someone is not interested in your product or service, connecting with that person after the show will help you expand your professional network and reach other professionals in the industry. Also, establishing professional connections with industry peers and leads can help you find new opportunities in the future.
  • Make a Good Impression: When you follow someone up, you have another chance to make a good impression on them. You can thank them for their time. Also compliment their presentations. You can indicate that you are interested in getting to know them better as an industry colleague.
  • Represent Your Organization Positively: Even if you are not promoting a product, you are a representative of your organization. By following people you meet, you can show them professional courtesy and sincerity. That will make a good impression on your organization.

What Should You Do to Generate Trade Show Leads?


There are many ways to generate trade show leads. Some are offering giveaways, hosting interactive booth activities and networking with attendees. Here are a few strategies to help you generate trade show leads and make the most of your investment.

  1. Exchange Business Cards: Bring business cards to the fair to exchange contact information with industry professionals you meet. This allows you to invite others to connect with you and reach out to them.
  2. Ask for Tracking Preferences: When you change business cards, consider asking them if they prefer email over a phone call. This information helps you determine the most effective way to connect with leads. This question is also a professional courtesy to allow people to set communication boundaries with new connections as they see fit.
  3. Message Them Through A Professional Networking Platform: You can message them the day or after you meet them through a professional networking platform. Consider adding them as a link and expressing how much you enjoy talking to them. This option also helps you grow your professional network through social media.
  4. Follow on Related Social Media Channels: If you have free time at the event, add them on traditional social media platforms to see what content they are posting about the event and engage with them and other followers.
  5. Send an Email: Following up with an email is the best option. Especially during the first two days of a trade show meeting. Make the email distinctive by referring to the discussion, expressing gratitude for their advice, and providing relevant resources.

These are the steps to help you successfully follow up with leads. If you need more information on trade shows, you can always check our website and social media accounts. Need inspiration for upcoming trade show? Checkout our works!