How to generate quality leads at trade shows

Collecting leads at trade shows is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. How to get leads at a trade show? Here, we’ll provide you with the best ways to capture leads at a trade show?
Trade shows predominantly bring together an array of business leaders and potential customers. It additionally provides an opportunity to promote your products or services while establishing new business connections. Therefore, you could benefit from in-person meetings with potential customers and collaborators by attending trade shows.

Finding a new lead requires very different processes and skills that are necessary to close an existing sales opportunity. The prospect is one of the most important concepts in the corporate process. The better you manage your lead generation and evaluation process, the more efficient your sales will be.

People who are not your customers yet, but who you think may become your customers in the future, are called prospects. Anyone who asks for a price over the phone, visits your trade show booth or fills out an information form on your website can become a candidate.

Why Do We Need Leads?

Naturally, it is far more profitable to sell to existing customers repeatedly than it is to seek new ones. However, this is not a simple strategy for developing your business. At certain points, any customer experiences dissatisfaction. And they may decide to make fewer purchases. Some clients could choose not to cooperate with you. Moreover, some could stop doing business.

Every company that wants to maintain and boost its sales should try to acquire new customers besides existing customers. Finding potential customers is the first step in this process. After that, identify which of them have the potential to become actual customers and focus on them.

How to Capture Leads at Trade Shows?



Your lead-finding channels may be very diverse, but we can group them into two main groups:

Inbound: Marketing activities such as fairs, advertisements, and sharing on social networks enable potential customers to notice you and take action consciously and reach you. We call these inbound channels. Inward channels are effective when appealing to large audiences or when you don’t know who the people you want to reach are.
Outbound: However, in some cases, it may be more effective and efficient to identify and reach leads yourself. We call such channels outbound channels, through which you identify and reach out to potential leads that have not taken action to reach you.

Not a Funnel, Sieve!

Sales professionals liken the sales process to a funnel that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. This is a misleading analogy. The funnel is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, but all the liquid you pour from the top comes out from under it. However, not every customer can be sold. It is normal for most of the candidates to be eliminated during this process, and a small number of prospects turn into real customers in the end.

Who are the Real Buyers?

A small percentage of prospects are actually in a position to buy something from you. Recognizing who they are early on helps you use your sales team’s time much more efficiently. To understand this situation, companies conduct a lead assessment before starting the sales process. The purpose of this evaluation is to check if the lead meets some basic conditions.

Candidates who do not meet these conditions are considered unqualified and no sales effort is spent on them. Candidates who meet the specified conditions are considered qualified. Sales teams prefer to spend time only with qualified candidates.

Do you want to know more about leads at trade shows? Then you can read our blog Five Steps to Follow Up with Trade Show Leads. Wishing you the best time collecting leads at trade shows!

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